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entog Main AG, Germany and Genetiks, Turkey We are pleased to announce the strategic cooperation. The purpose of this cooperation is; is the elimination of unmet need for genetic testing of patients.

CENTOG valve; will combine its professional and global experience in diagnostic testing services with regional and target-oriented experiences of Genetiks. This cooperation will enable both companies to accelerate the diagnosis process of diseases and to make more detailed decisions about treatment alternatives.


Genetiks was established in 2006 in order to implement the developments in the field of genetics at the same time with the world and aims to continuously improve itself and provide quality service with its specialized staff. In addition to prenatal and postnatal genetic tests, it provides services related to pre-implantation tests. Genetiks; In particular, preimplantation genetic diagnosis, oncology and pharmacogenetics has a significant experience in this area is about testing and serves more than 10 countries around the Turkey. It also aims to bridge the challenges faced by clinicians and patients in the diagnosis of rare genetic diseases by collaborating with developed centers around the world.

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CENTOG valve; is the leading organization with the largest test portfolio worldwide in the field of genetic diagnosis of rare hereditary diseases. The test sample from more than 90 different countries is important for the interpretation of medical results and provides a unique opportunity to understand the epidemiological basis of hereditary disorders. The company has been committed by many international accreditation bodies (ISO, CAP, CLIA) and has not compromised this policy by focusing on providing high quality molecular genetic diagnostic services.

The deep medical experience of CENTOGENE has been supported by the implementation of endpoint technologies. New generation sequencing, all exome sequencing (CenteXome®), whole genome sequencing (CentoGenomeTM) and innovative biomarkers for selected particular diseases are examples of advanced technology applied. CENTOGENE has developed a comprehensive mutation database (CentoMD®), which is essential for high quality diagnostic reporting and medical interpretation. Thus, the sequence data of each patient can be interpreted individually. EXTAN® kits developed as a product of many years of experience and intensive research & development in molecular diagnosis; it provides a validated solution to all laboratories across the globe, where they can safely spread their test portfolios. In addition to the diagnostic services offered for individual patients, CENTOGENE is also a very important partner for a wide range of organizations worldwide. The centogene; They have centers in Germany, India, Canada, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

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